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Welcome to The Fusioneer's Wiki,
A place for information on the EM-Fusion Program.

Welcome Message

This wiki is made by students for students, feel free to contribute to it!
Most pages are outdated and written in 2016, if you come across any mistakes, please adjust it! To find the official correct information, check out the official website.

Important deadlines

Next Fusion-EP Talk on Friday 24 July at 18:00 CET on Zoom
Deadline application for Master 2021-2023: 15/02/2021

EM-Fusion Information

Fusion-EP Master
General Programme
Funding and VISA Applications
Where to go next - PhD options

Educational Events

Prague Event
Cadarache Event
Summer Event
Weekly Fusion-EP talks

Universiteit Gent

Coming to Gent
Courses at UGent
Fun in Gent

Université de Lorraine

Coming to Nancy
Courses at Université de Lorraine
Fun in Nancy

Aix-Marseille University

Coming to Marseille
Courses at Marseille
Fun in Marseille

Universität Stuttgart

Coming to Stuttgart
Courses at Universität Stuttgart
Fun in Stuttgart

Czech Technical University in Prague

Coming to Prague
Courses at Czech Technical University in Prague
Fun in Prague

UCM and UC3M in Madrid

Coming to Madrid
Courses at Universidad Carlos III and Complutense de Madrid
Fun in Madrid


Photo Gallery

Social Media

WhatsApp groups
Facebook group